Narrow house

Draper Tiny House at $ 165,000 is an off-grid mobile home that’s not afraid of getting dirty

People, Land Ark RV of American origin, is a small house maker with a history dating back to around 2010, when Brian and Joni Buzarde started drawing RV models and sketches on napkins. A few years later, in 2012, Brian and Joni began roaming the United States in their own hand-built mini-house prototype. It was just the start.

Fast forward to today, and this team has a few tiny house designs that take the classic mobile life we’re used to and take it to a whole new level.

One of those houses is Draper, an “earthly arch” with features not only found in modern homes, but some of which are explicitly suited to the off-grid lifestyle. But let’s not get carried away and let’s just start.

Just to be clear, Draper has a space of 300 square feet (27.9 square meters), a dry weight of 17,100 pounds (7,756 kg) and can carry 3,900 pounds (1,769 kg) of additional treats. All for a fantastic starting price of just … $ 164,900 (€ 146,350 at current exchange rates). I apologize for the possible rush on the screen of your device.

However, before you embark on an absolute rampage of linguistic talent over how expensive this house can seem, give it a few more minutes; you might understand why this mobile home costs about the price of an actual home.

All in all, Draper isn’t just tall, but it’s also packed with sophisticated accessories and systems to suit just about anything you can think of you might need while living off-grid and even off-road. Take a look at the gallery to really get a feel for what’s going on.

Other than the obvious three-axle trailer, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t make much mention of how Draper is framed. But closed-cell spray insulation and maintenance-free corrugated metal liner are used to seal the structure of the elements.

You may have noticed this large patio hanging from the side of Draper. Well, this feature is manually raised or lowered in two minutes and results in a Brazilian hardwood patio measuring 7ft (2.13m) by 14ft (4.2m).

Inside Draper, not only does the color palette transform into natural tones of different woods, but the revealed interior space brings a mix of VR-like and intimate elements. The main feature that you might have seen in a motorhome is the modular dining area. As well as enjoying a meal, this space can be converted into a ready-made sleeping area with under-bed storage and a room divider.

As you head towards the back of Draper, the next space you will come across is the kitchen. Here, items like a three-burner gas cooktop, oven, and massive 10.1 cubic foot (0.28 cubic meter) fridge / freezer are just a few of the items available. Large solid surface counters and plenty of storage options complete the space.

In the back of Draper, things get a little muddled. You will have to take a narrow hallway to reach the loft, but this hallway also provides access to the bathroom. Inside you’ll find a wall-mounted toilet, walk-in shower with Kohler wall surrounds, vanity and laundry storage.

Once you’ve passed the bathroom, a ladder provides access to the loft above, offering a 270-degree view and a queen-size bed, or you can keep heading back and find yourself a feature rarely found in small homes, a cloakroom.

That’s right, folks, a cloakroom is available and even has a separate entrance so you don’t lug dirt around the house. Things like an entryway bench with cushions, drawers, shelving, and a closet with rods should help you contain your clutter very well. Let’s also not forget the washer / dryer combo.

Features like dimmable LED lighting, electrical outlets, tankless water heater, and ventilated mini-split heating and air conditioning system are also included in the price of Draper. With 40 lbs (18.1 kg) of propane and standard RV water and sewer hookups, anywhere you can park an RV, you can park Draper.

This is just a taste of what this mobile home can offer you. But, if you want to go above and beyond and turn Draper into your dream home, let Land Ark know, and they’ll likely work with you to create a custom home. Just be sure to bring a few extra dollars.

So what do you think? Want one for Christmas?