Narrow bridges

Discover the covered bridges of Corvallis by bike

There is an easy way and a hard way to reach Hayden Bridge (map). For serious road cyclists, head west on Highway 34 from Philomath and ride 17 miles over the lower hills of Marys Peak. This brings you to the small town of Alsea. Two more miles and you’re there. Be aware: The route involves approximately 1,000 feet of rock climbing, logging trucks, and narrow, winding roads. We warn the occasional cyclist to avoid this route.

The easiest way to find the bridge is to drive to Alsea, park and start driving. The bridge is another 2 miles west on Highway 34 (Alsea Highway). There are no road signs for the bridge itself. When coming from Alsea, watch for the ‘Hayden’ road sign on the south side of the road. East from the coast? There is no signage.

You will see the bridge from the road – just follow Hayden Road to it. The road turns to gravel on the other side of the bridge.

The Hayden Bridge, crossing the Alsea River, is one of the oldest in the state, according to the Covered Bridge Society. There is no year given for the original construction, but records show that the bridge was partially or completely rebuilt in 1945.

Once you arrive, take a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet. Admire the view of the small river flowing below and think of simpler times when the Hayden Bridge was vital to the community.