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Delhi Commission for Women Terms MCD Run Schools ‘Horror House’. Find syringes and drugs in the premises

New Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has branded some of the schools run by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) ‘houses of horror’ after carrying out a surprise inspection and finding them without safety and sanitation facilities adequate, the PTI news agency reported.

The panel claimed to have found syringes, drugs, cigarette cases, gutka wrappers and even broken liquor bottles in one of the school premises that DCW inspected on May 20 and 21.

The inspection came days after the panel launched an investigation into the state of student safety and security in schools following a report of sexual assault at an MCD-run school in Bhajanpura at the beginning of the month.

Some of the schools that have been inspected include – Bhai Mandeep Nagpal Nigam Vidhyalaya, Aruna Nagar (North), Nigam Pratibha Sah Shiksha Vidhyalaya, Kewal Park (North), Purvi Dilli Nagar Nigam Pratibha Vidhyalaya, Mustafabad (East) and Dakshini Dilli Nagar Nigam Prathmik Sah Bal Balika Vidhyalaya, Sanjay Colony, Bhati Mines (South) are the schools that were inspected.

DCW said its teams found the doors to these four schools open and there were no security guards

Following the recovery of broken syringes, medicine and alcohol bottles, among other substances, from the school premises in Kewal Park, the DCW said it had “recommended that an FIR be filed as a matter of urgency” .

Most school buildings were badly damaged and unsafe for children, he added.

“Parts of the ceiling and walls fell several times in Aruna Nagar school and there were several near misses. At Bhati Mines, children were forced to sit in the shade of tin in scorching heat,” he observed.

The DCW pointed out that the schools did not have a single operational CCTV camera and that the toilets were “extremely dirty”.

“In addition, there were several toilet doors that were broken or could not be locked from the inside, raising serious concerns about the safety and privacy of children. In Bhati Mines school , the girls’ toilets were locked, and boys and girls were forced to defecate in the open, as there was no water connection in the toilets,” he alleged.

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“These schools are houses of horror where the students and teachers are extremely dangerous. How can a school exist without a security guard and CCTV? In today’s world, MCD runs schools where girls are forced to defecate in the open! Too bad for the Total Sanitation Campaign! The situation is extremely alarming and urgent action must be taken to protect the future of children,” said DCW leader Swati Maliwal .

DCW has notified the MCD Commissioner in this regard and has requested a detailed action report by May 30.