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Crews work to save LAFD fire truck stuck on narrow muddy road in Lincoln Heights

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Los Angeles Fire Department crews were working Friday night to rescue a fire truck that got stuck along a narrow, muddy road in Lincoln Heights after torrential rains swept across southern California .

The approximately 40,000-pound truck was en route to a reported structure fire just after 5 p.m. when its tire got stuck along the soft shoulder of the road in the 4000 block of West Rose Hill Drive, according to the LAFD spokesperson Brian Humphrey.

Sky5 was over the area, where the LAFD fire truck appeared to be hanging over the side of the road, when another truck pulled into position to rescue the endangered vehicle.

Crews at the scene could be seen stabilizing the stuck engine, which did not appear to be damaged.

LAFD said the incident to which the truck was responding “turned out to be just a small, injury-free garbage fire that was completely extinguished” before the arrival.

“So now LAFD is just working to free the engine from the mud,” Humphrey said, adding that the truck will be towed by tractors “assisted by the LAFD Heavy Rescue Unit and, if necessary, by personnel from LAFD Urban Search and Rescue “.

At around 9 p.m., the LAFD evacuated a few homes to be on the safe side, but officials do not expect any safety issues with the fire truck removing the mud.

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