Narrow road

Chotta Shimla-Kasumpti narrow road a plague: La Tribune India

In some places the Chotta Shimla-Kasumpti road has become too narrow due to the ongoing works. Vehicles coming from the opposite direction have difficulty crossing. And since there is no policeman to deal with the traffic, there are often traffic jams that could be easily avoided if there was someone to handle the traffic. —Anurag Sharma, Kasumpti

Water sickness for the inhabitants of D’sala

The water problems in many parts of Dharamsala started even before the summers set in. Many areas receive water for about an hour a day. In the Ramnagar region, people do not have enough water for the toilets. If the situation persists, how will the IPH service provide water during the summers? It is a sad state of affairs that despite being declared a smart city, residents do not have enough water for their daily needs. – Suresh Kumar, Dharamsala


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