Narrow bridges

Building bridges with solutions expertise and modular systems

Building bridges with solutions expertise and modular systems

Customer-oriented planning and services combined with coordinated modular systems form the basis for the development of formwork and scaffolding solutions suitable for almost any site requirement, including complex infrastructure projects. PERI’s experienced engineers participated in the construction of the Filstal Bridge, bringing their extensive solution expertise. The 485 m long Filstal Bridge is part of the new Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed rail line. At 85m high, it is one of the tallest railway bridges in Germany, connecting the Boler tunnel in the north with the Steinbhl tunnel in the south. As the tracks pass over two separate bridge sections, the structure is extremely demanding in terms of architecture and engineering.

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The Filstal Bridge unites all the challenges of bridge construction: high bridge piers that widen in a Y-shape at the crown, a sophisticated construction method with slender superstructures, high architectural requirements in concrete and a narrow time window to meet the completion deadline due to interim adjustments to the structural model of the bridge structure. At PERI, an experienced solution provider for formwork and scaffolding projects was on hand to support construction consortium partners Max Bgl and PORR. Especially when requirements changed during the construction process, the infrastructure specialists always found a solution to meet the completion deadline while achieving high quality of execution. In all phases, 3D digital planning provided visualizations of the use of formwork and scaffolding, simplifying communication with the various decision makers.

Pier construction kit

Three PERI modular systems served as the formwork and scaffolding base for the bridge pier construction works. The slender reinforced concrete shafts were pushed upward cycle by cycle using the RCS rail-guided climbing formwork. In the complicated roundhead expansion areas, work platforms based on the RCS and SCS climbing systems allowed loads to be transferred safely. For this, PERI UP reinforcement scaffolding installed around the perimeter provided a safe working environment.

Peculiarity of the Y-pier

The way the angled piers between the Y-head and the superstructure were worked out was a special feature of the project. To this end, PERI engineers have designed a rail-guided finishing trolley by combining the PERI UP scaffolding system with VARIOKIT and RCS climbing technology. This enabled the entire scaffold to be hydraulically moved in 50cm increments to the desired position, safely guided via climbing rails and RCS runners on the angled pillar caps and connected to structure.

Combined solutions for the superstructure

The two single-track superstructures parallel to each other were constructed as prestressed concrete butt girders using a formwork trolley first the west deck and then the east deck. The west bridge cantilever parapets were constructed in 24m sections using a total of four VARIOKIT cantilever parapet carriages. The VARIOKIT trolleys were then equipped with additional PERI UP scaffolding suspensions and could then also be used for quality-assured finishing work. At the same time, the PERI solution could be used as mounting scaffolding for the windbreak wall by adding additional scaffolding and enclosing it as needed for wind and weather protection.

In order to greatly speed up the construction process, the eastern superstructure working platforms were kept available for the full length of the bridge so that the parapet could be built in sections. The project-specific VARIOKIT solution from PERI engineers also considered the additional applications of the assembly and finishing platform. The metric base grid of the two modular systems, VARIOKIT and PERI UP, has paved the way for an almost unlimited number of combinations in all respects, which has been extremely beneficial for planning, structural analysis and construction work on site. For this, consortium partners Max Bgl and PORR had a competent subcontractor at Schfer Gerstbau at their side, who had already had positive experiences with both PERI systems while carrying out assembly work on countless construction sites. . Thanks to safe and coordinated work processes, the agreed deadlines could be met without any interruptions that could delay the construction. The high level of work safety facilitated both the assembly processes of the formwork and scaffolding as well as the subsequent use at great heights and in the area of ​​the level crossing at the Drackensteiner Hang on the A8.

The impressive versatility of the PERI UP scaffolding kit made it possible to optimally adapt the hanging scaffolds to the geometry of the bridge. The use of the new second generation of PERI UP components has also resulted in significant weight benefits and increased load capacity, for example by allowing the uprights to be double pinned. Additionally, the modular and easy-to-handle system formwork beam could be used to quickly and easily install bridges in 25cm increments up to a length of 10m without tubes or fittings.

Tunnel entrances

The comprehensive service package provided by PERI including engineering services, site assistance, chief erectors and factory pre-assembly even included the final construction of the tunnel portals as a transition between the bridge and the tunnel. . Since the tunnel formwork carriage was also based on the VARIOKIT technical construction kit with system components for rent, it was possible to develop a customized project solution, deliver it to the construction site and assemble it on site in no time. Both large-format recesses for sound propagation and sections that had to be formed and concreted on one side were taken into account.

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