Narrow house

British Columbia housing: Tiny Point Gray home listed for $2.2M

It is less than 17 feet wide.

To get through this house is just a jump, jump and jump.

In fact, that would be grossly exaggerated. A jump would probably be more than enough. Long jumpers could clear the property (if there was nothing on it), with several feet to spare on either side.

What we are saying is that it is narrow. At 16.5 feet, it’s one of the few half-cut pitches, literally. Most residential lots in Vancouver are 33 feet in diameter.

That didn’t stop people from building a nice house at 4131 West 11th Ave. The three-story home has a lot of two things: outdoor space and stairs.

It must be noted here that since the property is only 16.5 feet wide, the interior of the house is less than that, given that the walls take up space.

Although the house is lean, there are still plenty of (but not wide) rooms. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home also has a large kitchen, dining area, and a few multipurpose spaces.

Outside, there is a roof terrace with water views, as well as a large rear patio and a terrace just above.

Although it is one of the smallest lots in town, the price is not small. The asking price right now is $2.2 million. That’s actually an increase from last year when it was listed at $1.98 million.