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Biofuel Advocates With White House – Ohio Ag Net

Leading U.S. biofuels and agriculture advocates have urged President Biden to quickly expand access to plentiful, lower-cost biofuels after the White House announced a much narrower set of proposals to address the surge. skyrocketing fuel costs. Specifically, renewable energy advocates reiterated their call for the White House to quickly allow the year-round sale of gasoline blended with up to 15% ethanol (E15), a low-carbon fuel option. lower cost that could disappear from many markets on June 1 under seasonal restrictions from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The following joint statement was released by the Advanced Biofuels Business Council, Growth Energy, National Corn Growers Association, National Farmers Union and Renewable Fuels Association: “The White House is actively considering an E15 patch to relieve the pump, but the Today’s announcement made no mention of local fuels. It was just another temporary release of oil reserves and a promise of more mining down the road. Time is running out, and failure to shield E15 from summer fuel restrictions threatens to wipe out a popular, economical option at the pump in 30 states. If no action is taken by the administration, these drivers will see their gas prices soar overnight. There is a record surplus of lower-cost domestic biofuels ready to more than fill the void left by Russian oil. E15 has already helped some drivers save over 30 cents per gallon. Given the constant discount on ethanol versus unblended gasoline, biofuels are a source of energy security and savings that the White House cannot afford to ignore. Just today, another bipartisan group of lawmakers called on President Biden to lift outdated and senseless restrictions on the sale of local ethanol, reflecting a growing chorus of leaders concerned about the looming regulatory cliff. not on gas prices. It’s time to act.”