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Biden to build $ 1,000 billion worth of roads, bridges and railroads

US President Joe Biden will sign a bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday at a ceremony attended by members of Congress who helped draft the legislation, the White House said on Wednesday.

The House of Representatives last week passed the $ 1 trillion package to improve highways, broadband and other infrastructure. It was adopted by the Senate in August.

After months of tense negotiations, the House of Representatives passed a $ 1 trillion, bipartisan infrastructure bill, 228-206, addressing a major priority on President Biden’s national agenda and consolidating a political victory for them. democrats.

Biden said on Saturday the vote was a “monumental” step forward and that he would sign the bill next week.

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“We did something long overdue, long talked about in Washington, but never done,” he said, joking that infrastructure week was finally over.

The measure includes significant investments in roads, bridges, railways and high-speed internet.

It passed late Friday night largely along party lines, with 13 Republicans joining 215 Democrats in backing the legislation.

But the bill also saw six Progressive Democrats vote against it, as a larger social spending measure failed to garner enough support for a floor vote on Friday.

Biden also touched on his Build Back Better agenda and predicted that the social spending bill, which has also been heavily debated among lawmakers, will pass through the House and Senate.

But he acknowledged that the “likely outcome” is that the Senate passes the bill only with Democratic votes and that party-wide membership will be “a process.”

Policy provisions

The Build Back Spend better wrap originally had a price tag of $ 3.5 trillion. Democrats chose to use a process called budget reconciliation to pass the package in the Senate without any Republican support. Given the chamber’s extremely narrow margin, every senator who meets with the Democrats must agree for the bill to survive.

It proved difficult, with moderate senses Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona voicing concerns about the size and scope of the package.

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Manchin said he could only support a $ 1.5 trillion package, which prompted Democrats to shrink the multibillion dollar package to around $ 1.75 trillion.

Lean spending program includes universal kindergarten for all 3- and 4-year-olds, investments in affordable housing, premium cuts under the Affordable Care Act, major investments to tackle climate change and an additional year for the extended child. tax credit.

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