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Betraying voters, Ohio Senate Speaker Huffman and House Speaker Cupp declare moral bankruptcy

Almost 75% of Ohio voters reformed the state’s constitution in 2018 to end gerrymandering and create fair and legal congressional districts.

Instead, the state’s Republican legislative leaders hijacked the process, betrayed voters, and practically declared utter moral and ethical bankruptcy in their cynical quest for political power at any cost.

The behavior of Ohio Senate Speaker Matt Huffman and House of Commons Speaker Bob Cupp is despicable, undemocratic and anti-American.

They are rigging the Ohio Statehouse and US Congressional elections for the foreseeable future, denying millions of Ohio voters the most essential principle of representative government: representation itself.

The GOP Congress card passed through the State Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

After drawing up a map of the U.S. Congressional district behind closed doors over the weekend, they filed a PDF of it Monday night after already deciding to take it to committee and go to the Ohio Senate on Tuesday with the Room to follow soon.

Analysis of the map shows seven Republican districts, two Democratic districts, four districts with a strong Republican lean, one that leans slightly GOP, the 9th arrondissement, and one that leans slightly Democratic, the 13th.

Take this as an 11-2 GOP-to-Democratic card with two potential toss-ups, and take anyone who tells you otherwise as an idiot. The Princeton Gerrymandering project gives the card an “F” rating, noting its significant Republican advantage.

If the GOP leaders really wanted the competition, why give the GOP a starting 7-2 advantage and then a 5-1 advantage in the “competition”?

Would you like to sit down for a chess match with someone who has stacked your side with 15 pawns and theirs with 15 rooks, bishops, knights and queens?

Huffman introduced Napoleon’s Republican State Senator Rob McColley to come up with malicious escapes as to why this card might not be as clearly miserable as it is so blatantly.

McColley said he “strongly disagreed” with the idea of ​​an 8-7 card, which would reflect the 54-46 average distribution of preferences among average Ohio voters over the past 16 partisan elections. statewide.

McColley said voters wanted a map that would adapt to the “changing winds” of the political landscape.

Voters voted for fair, bipartisan cards, not the hot air of McColley’s “shifting winds”.

The reality is that the suburbs tend to be blue and the rural areas more red, and they both have been for some time. Well aware of this, the GOP has taken full advantage of it in its map, sucking the suburban areas of the larger Ohio counties into the rural districts leaning on the GOP.

The map divides Cuyahoga County into three, with outlying areas included with rural Republican counties to dilute those Democratic votes.

Hamilton County is even worse, also divided into three, with the city of Cincinnati drawn into a district with the rural Republican County of Warren, the north central part of Hamilton integrated with the Republican County of Butler up to Darke, and the part is included in a southern Ohio District which extends to Meigs.

Meanwhile, large swathes of northern, western and southern Franklin County are drawn into a rural district that includes townships as far south as Ross County and southwest to the tip southwest of Greene.

This is all politically malicious and utterly intentional, which makes McColley’s words ring as hollow as a bongo.

It would be much easier to spend your energy creating fair and legal maps instead of painstakingly contorting partisan advantages in contempt of nearly 75% of Ohio voters and making contemptuous and condescending manipulative arguments towards the public, who poured all his heart into lawmakers. advocate for fair neighborhoods.

Huffman and Cupp bullied their fellow Republican members of the Ohio Redistribution Commission into passing offensively gerrymandered Statehouse cards in September enshrining the power of Huffman and Cupp.

If Governor Mike DeWine is done being intimidated by them, he could show it by vetoing this atrocity from a congressional card.

But if DeWine rolls like a good puppy like he did with the Statehouse cards, the Ohio Patriots who care about the health of our American Republic will have to rely on the Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Maureen O’Connor, to stand up for justice itself and knock those cards down.

Matt Huffman and Bob Cupp have proven to be arrogant little men carrying out narrow, selfish political interests. They broke their oath to uphold the Ohio Constitution and they betrayed the voters.

I hope they’re not ashamed of themselves, but all Ohioans should be ashamed of them.


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