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Bangalore apartment fire: how a narrow road to an apartment choked the Golden Minute

The tenders reached the SBI settlement in Devarachikkanahalli within six minutes of receiving the first phone call regarding the fire on Tuesday.

But narrow roads prevented them from accessing the Ashrith Aspire apartment complex where hell raged in apartment number 210.

By the time firefighters arrived at the fire site, precious time had been lost. The floor on which the apartment is located was also rendered inaccessible by thick, suffocating smoke.

The road to the apartment is narrow and it becomes very difficult for ambulances or firefighters to turn around and move around, a local resident said.

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The firefighters then made a quick decision: they deployed an aerial ladder platform to reach the height of the dish and spray water. “It (the ladder) is used when the scene of the fire is inaccessible or located at a great height and all entrances are cut off,” Amar Kumar Pandey, DGP, Fire and Fire Services, told reporters. emergency.

The first phone call to the fire department was made by Priyanka, a resident of the apartment. She was drawn to the site of the fire by people screaming and running frantically through the hallways.

“As soon as I heard the commotion and people screaming ‘fire, fire’ I called the fire department, took my child and ran out,” she told DH.

By the time the tenders came in, apartment number 210 was emptied, she said.

“It appears to be an explosion due to a gas leak. But we will determine the real cause of the fire,” said Joshi Srinath Mahadev, DCP (South East).

Fifty firefighters fought for nearly two and a half hours to put out the blaze and clear the smoke from the eviscerated apartments. “Each fire truck has a capacity of 4,500 liters of water. Three of them have run out of water. The fourth has emptied a quarter of its capacity, “said a firefighter.

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