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Another 22 domestically produced midibuses joined the public transport fleet in İzmir

Another 22 domestically produced midibuses joined the public transport fleet in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added 22 new domestically produced midibuses to its public transport fleet. Stressing that the midibuses that will serve under the general direction of ESHOT will mainly operate in narrow and hilly neighborhoods, Mayor Tunç Soyer gave the message, “We will have more gifts for our city and our people.”

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, which is focusing on investments in the railway system and currently carrying out six different projects at the same time, on the other hand, continues to improve the quality of its public transport service on tires. An additional 22 new domestically produced midibuses have been added to ESHOT’s branch fleet.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the vehicles that had just left the factory and were brought to town. President Soyer, with an investment of around TL 647 million over the past three years, has completed a total of 252 buses, 170 solo and 422 articulated, and 4 midibuses, 29 of which are for use by disabled citizens. kazan said they did.

Goodbye, use Izmir

Stating that the midibuses were purchased to serve narrow streets and hilly neighborhoods where buses struggle to enter, Mayor Soyer said, “With the inclusion of these vehicles in our fleet, we have put 473 new buses into the service to our people over the past three years. Let this be our New Year’s gift to Izmir. We will have more gifts to make life easier for our fellow citizens and provide them with 100% equal service. This year, we are going to buy 33 additional midibuses. Our tenders for the purchase of 100 electric buses have also started. Good luck to our city; may our fellow citizens benefit,” he said.

In which neighborhoods will this work?

Otokar’s Sultan City model midibuses; It has a capacity of 25 seats and can carry a passenger in a wheelchair. Vehicles with air conditioning, handicap ramps and automatic transmission; It was purchased from the State Supply Office for 17 million 218 thousand TL. vehicles, mainly Karşıyaka the villages of Şemikler, Yamanlar and Sancaklı; Bornova Çiçek, Cengizhan, Fuat Edip Baksi, Kahramanlar, Kandere and Beşpınar districts; Konak will operate on lines serving Halil Rıfat Pasha, Kaynak, Ballıkuyu, Eserkent, Ali Fuat Erden neighborhoods and Buca İsmet Paşa and Ferahlı neighborhoods.