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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Diagonal Rivers And Cliffs – How To Build Bridges At An Angle

Image: Nintendo’s Life

If you have unlocked the ability to change terrain and waterways on your island in Animal crossing: new horizons, you might be wondering how to cut the banks diagonally and shave off the sharp sides of the cliffs. There is no specific “diagonal cut tool”, but it is easy when you know how and it will also allow you to build bridges at an angle.

First, you will need to unlock the Island Designer app on your in-game NookPhone. This involves attracting new residents to your island and having KK Slider perform. Once this happens, Tom Nook will send you the new app for your NookPhone which will allow you to transform your island terrain and build intricate waterfalls, fill ponds and redirect rivers as you like.

How to cut banks diagonally in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cutting a shoreline diagonally involves understanding how your island is divided into an invisible grid of “squares” and it’s worth experimenting before embarking on a complex river sculpture or terraforming project.

As we said above, there is no such thing as a “diagonal cut tool” with the Island Designer app. Instead, cutting the banks diagonally and putting curved edges on the cliffs and paths requires you to “shave” the hard edges of the stepped banks. Everything is explained below with pictures …

First, find the bank you want to edit, open the Island Designer app on your NookPhone and select ‘Start Build’. Press “+” and select the “Water Development Permit” if it is not already equipped (this can be purchased from the Nook Terminal in Resident Services for 6,000 Nook Miles).

In the pictures below we have cut out a nice flat bank to show how it works. Approach the flat bank and press “A” while facing the water to shovel material into the water and “fill” a square of bank like this:

Fill in the square next to it so that you have two complete “blocks” of soil jutting out into the water:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Diagonal River 5
Image: Nintendo’s Life

Position yourself aiming again at the first block and press ‘A’. You’ll notice that instead of digging out a square of land, the pointed edge is carved into a smooth diagonal line:

In order to create a long, straight diagonal line, you will need to fill in the terrain to create a stepped and “jagged” edge, as follows:

Once you have that, walk up the steps and press “A” to cut them at a 45 ° angle. Don’t worry if you accidentally dig out a square entirely – just fill it in and start over. Work your way and so: you yourself have a diagonal edge!

It takes some trial and error to figure out exactly how the game handles diagonals, but with practice it quickly becomes second nature and you’ll easily cut through intricate streams and waterfalls.

It should be noted that the game will not allow you to have two opposite diagonals next to each other – you cannot create a “point” with diagonal cuts without separating them with a “straight”. Attempting to cut a diagonal right next to another (as in the first image below) will cause the entire new bank to disappear; the second image is the closest you can get (although you can build in the river from that “straight line”):

Using this method, it is possible to build bridges over rivers at angles of 45 ° (talk to Tom Nook for infrastructure plans and to choose the type of bridge you want). River must have the right width and totally fluid on both shores, but now you know how to achieve it using the Island Designer app. The river in the images above is too narrow for a bridge, but here’s one we made earlier:

Diagonal Animal Crossing New Horizons Bridge
Image: Nintendo’s Life

And that’s all! This technique of “shaving” the edges at right angles can also be applied to cliff edges using the Cliff building permit, and the same principle also applies if you want to give your custom paths curved edges, too much.

Have fun experimenting and don’t worry too much about making mistakes. Nothing is permanent about the land in New Horizons; anything can be repaired, changed or brought back to its former state, so don’t hesitate to go crazy with your grand designs.

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