Narrow transportation

Active transportation bridge suggested by a qRD resident

Qathet Regional District (qRD) Directors have received a request to improve the crossing bridge at Lang Creek, south of Powell River.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on February 17, Regional District resident Mel Waldron appeared before the committee to request that changes be made to the bridge.

“There was a fatal accident there and it wasn’t the first,” Waldron said, referring to a Jan. 24 motor vehicle incident at the bridge, where the sole occupant of a vehicle died.

Waldron said he would like to see a bridge and walkway across the creek for cyclists and pedestrians.

“It’s a very narrow bridge and there are no walkways; now [the bridge] is even narrower because of the guardrails that have been installed,” Waldron said. “It’s in a tourist area and a school crossing area, and there are no cycle paths or footbridges. I hope the regional council will build a path for bikes and pedestrians like they did at the Myrtle Creek bridge and try to alleviate some of the hazards there.

He said there had been a fire in the area and it was chaos there.

“Anyone who rides a bike or walks would take their life in their own hands,” Waldron added. “If you could look to see if something can be done, that would be an asset to the community. It’s been bad for years and it’s getting worse.

qRD Electoral Area C Director Clay Brander said he sympathized with Waldron. Brander said his children attend Kelly Creek Community School and his wife is a teacher there.

“They used to take the kids up to Lang Creek for the salmon, but now they bring school buses because it’s so dangerous to cross the bridge,” Brander added. “I would like to mention that we have set up, at our instigation, quarterly meetings with the Ministère des Transports. I believe we have a meeting on April 12 and that has been added to the agenda.

Waldron said he feared a child or cyclist could be killed at the Lang Creek Bridge.

“I know it’s the highway department’s problem, but I think the regional council could look into the bridge,” Waldron said. “It would be great for safety, and great for tourists and the hatchery.”