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A very violent man broke into his ex’s house with a pickaxe after he reacted badly to break up

A ‘very violent man’ who broke into his ex-partner’s house with a pickaxe, injuring a man as he entered, has been jailed for two years.

Scott Wareing, 37, was ‘more drunk than very drunk’ when he drove to the home in Mainway, Lancaster, carrying the gun, Preston Crown Court heard.

Martineh Jabari, prosecuting, told the court that Wareing was “not dealing well” with his breakup with Kelly Forsythe when he went to the house where she was staying on November 24, 2021. At 12:15 p.m. he went at the door and was told to leave, but returned an hour later even more drunk, Ms Jabari told the court.

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Ms Forsythe answered the door and tried to calm her ex down, but he pushed his way past her and Andrew Nixon Snr, who was blocking his way. As he pushed open the door, he trapped Mr. Nixon Snrs’ foot, knocking him to the floor and bumping his hip. Mr Nixon’s son, Andrew Nixon Jnr, was face to face with the accused and told him he was calling the police. Wareing replied, “I don’t care, call the police” before walking away. He dropped the pickaxe as he left.

Wareing, of no fixed address, was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and common assault, which he denied. However, he was found guilty by Lancashire Magistrates Court and was sent to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

In a victim impact statement, Andrew Nixon Jnr said he felt angry and scared following the altercation. It was the second time Wareing had caused trouble at the address, he said. Mr Nixon added that his father was in poor health and his stutter returned after the incident. He said they were afraid of Wareing because he is “a very violent man and they didn’t know what he was capable of”.

Wareing has 110 criminal convictions to his name for offenses including GBH, assault and battery, possession of weapons and shoplifting, the court heard.

Niamh Ingham, defending, said Wareing continues to deny the offense. He struggled to find accommodation after his last release from prison and fell into class A drug addiction. “By the time his accommodation became available, he had slid down that slippery slope again,” she said.

Sentencing judge Simon Medland QC said: “The flip side of the coin is that ultimately for a capable adult, those in charge of offenders can only try to help people They can’t magically transform someone. That’s the really hard part.

“I appreciate that not having your own home is a huge barrier to living life on the right path, but ultimately we are all responsible for our own place in the world and the consequences of our actions on ourselves and on others.”

Since being remanded, Wareing has reduced her methadone prescription and is making good progress, Ms Ingham said.

Judge Medland QC said: “He presents himself quite well outwardly. I appreciate that there is still an internal battle to be fought.”

Handing down a two-year sentence in police custody, he told Wareing: “You’ve heard my comments about the sadness of seeing a man your age who has spent 20 years addicted to alcohol and drugs, inside and outside the court, in As you know, it’s a terrible loss of life and I hope the time will come, and will soon come, when you can reach a balanced position where you don’t you’re not a victim of addiction and you’re not in and out of court all the time.

“If that happens, so much the better. But what is presented to me is at least the fifth offensive weapon conviction. You have a large and substantial criminal record. You were drunk. It was at the home of these Ce These are very important aggravating circumstances that I must take into account.The sentence must be substantial.

The judge added: “I am afraid that you are sometimes at war with the world and at war with yourself. I hope that the time will come, when the time comes, with the help of others, that you will find a way to lead a peaceful life, where you can have a life to lead and not continue to be locked in. I wish you all the best of luck with that.

Wareing was sentenced to two years for possession of an offensive weapon and four months concurrent running for assaulting Mr. Nixon. Judge Medland QC also issued a five-year restraining order.