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A new Green Lake bike path? The Seattle Department of Transportation wants your input

The Seattle Department of Transportation is seeking community input on a plan to build a protected paved bike path around the outer western edge of Green Lake.

The proposed trail would run along Green Lake Drive North and Aurora Avenue North, where there is currently a gravel footpath along both roads.

The Green Lake Outer Loop project, which will connect to existing bike paths around the lake, consists of two segments.

One would create a new path between North 63rd Street and West Green Lake Drive North, along Aurora Avenue North, where several serious injuries and fatalities have occurred.

In 2019, a 20-year-old University of Washington student was hit while running on the outdoor trail by a driver who jumped a curb. She suffered several broken bones and serious neck injuries.

Engineers are proposing a bicycle lane and a two-lane traffic lane on the Aurora Segment that would maintain vehicle access along the on-ramp.

The other proposed segment will be along West Green Lake Drive North between North 76th Street and the intersection of Winona Avenue North and North 77th Street.

There are currently two lanes for vehicular traffic and one parking lane along West Green Lake Drive North. To develop cycle paths, officials are considering three options:

  • Removal of the parking lane to make way for a two-way cycle lane and preservation of two-way vehicle movements.
  • Removal of a driver-only lane and turning the street into a one-way traffic lane for vehicles, while maintaining a parking lane
  • Removal of the parking lane and addition of a bicycle lane on each side of the street while maintaining vehicle traffic in both directions

A survey to collect public comments on the project has been open since November 10 and is expected to close next week. The opportunity to share more feedback will be available in the spring, when a draft design of the project created by SDOT and the Washington State Department of Transportation is expected to be released.

Construction could begin as early as mid-2022, according to SDOT, which said funding for the design and installation has yet to be secured.