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A man reveals a genius secret hidden in his house to get down very quickly

A MAN has revealed his genius secret hidden in his house to descend the stairs very quickly – by installing a slide.

TikTok user Dan Clark shared the amazing installation that reminded many users of one of their childhood dreams.


TikTok user Dan Clark lifted the veil on his genie to descend the stairs in secondsCredit: TikTok/danclark82

The London-based boy took home a piece of the playground and outfitted the fun craft to cut down on the time it takes to descend the stairs.

He casually boasted in the incredible clip, which gained over 215,000 views, “Can’t remember the last time I used the stairs.”

Dan is seen lifting a quirky-looking hatch in the middle of an upstairs room to reveal a slide that leads directly to his kitchen.

Making others in the world green with envy, he then films himself sliding down the curved slide in just a few seconds.

TikToker’s smart mode of transport takes him straight downstairs and lands him on his feet.

And for those wondering how he gets back up, he posted a follow-up video showing him easily climbing the slide.

Dan assured concerned commentators that the high-speed slide was safe and joked that “the risk of serious injury really adds to the thrill.”

One impressed user wrote, “NO!! SERIOUS? I want one.”

“You are the ones who make all of our childhood dreams come true,” added another amazed TikToker.

While a third wrote, “Wow !!! This should really be a standard feature in every home, start the day off right.”

But this isn’t the first time that some crazy home additions have made the app talk.

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They also showed a peephole in the bathroom door, a bird in one of the windows in the boy’s room, and a pothole in the middle of their pillow.

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The cramped New York home has narrow hallways that only tighten as you turn the corner, before leading to a compact living space and small kitchen.

And a DIY fan also sick of her steps was quoted £ 900 for a trendy wood-paneled staircase, so she created her own using the B&Q bargains.

Mother of two Patricia Bradley ended up spending around four days and just £ 70 tackling work herself.

The slide was neatly covered with an original trapdoor


The slide was neatly covered with an original trapdoorCredit: TikTok/danclark82