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9 Quotes That Prove Daemon Should Be King

The article contains House of the Dragon spoilers.The Dragon House The finale draws nearer than ever and the fight for the Iron Throne is on. While Daemon Targaryen should fiercely defend his wife’s claim to the crown, he himself has the makings of a king. Although cruel in spades, he understood the politics of power very well.

Ascending the throne was something Daemon was concerned about early on, when he was named heir and Viserys had not chosen Rhaenyra as future queen. The Prince would not be a peaceful King, but he would have been feared and respected, as these quotes prove.


“And the dragon’s blood is thick.”

“The Heirs of the Dragon” (S1.E1)

Trust was hard-earned in Westeros, especially in King’s Landing, but the House that put family first often remained on the Iron Throne. For Daemon, advancing the Targaryen dynasty was the main goal, which is why he would have been a good king for his House, at the very least.

Viserys and Daemon shared a complicated relationship, but Daemon wanted to preserve the legacy of his old house far more than Viserys. This was evident in his fascination with dragons and his marriage pact with Laena Velaryon and later Rhaenyra Targaryen.

“This might just be my chair one day.”

“The Heirs of the Dragon” (S1.E1)

Many would call Daemon power-hungry, which was true, but it also reflected how ready he was to be king. Viserys was a reluctant monarch, unable to make decisions easily as he was never cut out for it, but for Daemon responsibility was desirable.

He looked forward to being crowned king while still heir, and he was stern, a trait required to rule over such a great kingdom and such a great people. If given the chance, he probably would have been a tough king, but he had a clear vision of how to establish law and order.

“You are the dragon. Your word is truth and law.

“King of the Narrow Sea” (S1.E4)

Fearlessness was Daemon Targaryen’s admirable trait, and he was not shy about questioning social norms or practices. He had the potential to be a king who would break archaic rules, establish new ones, and bring about a social renaissance.

Daemon’s views on women’s rights, marriage, and nobility were very liberal and out of the mold. He didn’t believe in the ancient rules about a woman’s virtue, and as king he could have influenced change.

“Not anymore. Starting tonight, King’s Landing will learn to fear the color gold.

“The Heirs of the Dragon” (S1.E1)

Many called Daemon’s siege of the city inhumane, but he didn’t attack innocent people. Daemon was often misunderstood by fans, but it was his attempt to eradicate crime from the city and protect its people, something no monarch really cared about.

His methods were questionable, but Daemon was younger then. As he matured, he would have found better ways to fight anarchy, especially if he had the right advice, not the leeches.

“Marriage is just a political arrangement.”

“King of the Narrow Sea” (S1.E4)

Politics seemed to be the key to breaking the rule of Westeros, and only those adept at it could survive. The first step was to find the right alliances by marriage, which Daemon knew how to do. He knew it was an arrangement of convenience, not love.

Viserys confused this important aspect by marrying the person his heart desired, which weakened his position as king and his house. Daemon wasn’t one to make such a mistake, and he even taught Rhaenyra that it wasn’t for fun, but for strength.

“Once we broke the triarchy, they named me ‘King of the Narrow Sea.'”

“King of the Narrow Sea” (S1.E4)

Daemon was adept at combat (and few could defeat him), which made him an excellent choice to be regent. He knew when to take matters into his own hands and act, so he would have been a good type of monarch.

He had proven his worth by defeating the Crab-Feeder and had also shown that he could win the support of the people who named him King of the Straits. He was a charismatic and dynamic leader behind whom people wanted to rally.

“If the king is not feared, he is powerless.”

“Driftmark” (S1.E7)

Ruling a kingdom was no easy task, and Daemon knew that to rule without challenge, it was important to look fearsome. Power in Westeros meant ruling by fear, but in the right proportions and not as a tyrant.

Daemon taught his wife this valuable lesson. If he didn’t have Rhaenyra, he could have easily campaigned for his own ascension to the throne because he knew how to play the game well. Appearing meek would make a king seem weak, and strike fear into the hearts of the people would ensure a strong reign.

“We will know the truth and our enemies will not. They will be afraid of what else we might be capable of.

“Driftmark” (S1.E7)

Cementing Rhaenyra and her position as dangerous claimants to the throne was something they did well. Daemon knew that a display of cruelty and power was needed for people to take them seriously, and he hatched the plan to “kill” Laenor to make them look threatening.

He knew that sometimes looks mattered, especially for people who wanted to be kings and queens. Daemon knew the art of maintaining them.

“And we will return the house of the dragon to its own glory.”

“King of the Narrow Sea” (S1.E4)

While in love with Rhaenyra, Daemon really wanted to protect the legacy of House Targaryen. He knew that marrying her would make the House of the Dragon stronger than ever, and he wished to restore it to its original glory from the time of Aegon I.

Following the customs of Valyria and keeping the bloodline pure was a way to maintain power, guard dragons, and be lords of the realm. Daemon was well aware of this fact, which showed how calculated and politically savvy he was in trying to make this happen and strengthen the power of the Targaryens in Westeros.

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