Narrow bridges

8 Nobles County bridges to be replaced in 2022 – The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Nobles County is responsible for more than 350 bridges, and eight of those will be replaced with new precast concrete culverts in 2022, likely starting Aug. 1.

“It also complements future work we are planning, when funding permits, to improve these roads,” said Aaron Holmbeck, director of public works for Nobles County.

Bridge replacements are common, and the projects were already in place before Holmbeck took on the role of county engineer last September.

Six of the existing bridges are narrow culverts, one is an old wooden bridge and one is a metal culvert. All will be replaced by larger culverts, which will require less maintenance, be less complex to assess and allow the passage of large equipment more easily than a wooden bridge.

They will also allow for possible future road improvements, such as reducing the slope of ditches to decrease the likelihood of a rollover.

Almost all of the $3.44 million project will be supported by state funding, except for the old wooden bridge on Nobles County 57 that crosses Lake Ocheda. For this project, $462,280 will come from the state and $56,095 from local sources. Bridges qualified for funding based on their condition, Holmbeck said.

Construction will begin after August 1 and be completed by November 1. Contractors will need to complete each location before moving on to the next for all bridges except the one over Nobles County 13 where it crosses the East Branch. of Kanaranzi Creek — because the road is being upgraded at the same time. This bridge will also require a road closure of at least two and potentially three weeks, compared to one to two weeks during which the others will be closed.

The bridges to be replaced are:

  • 053-620-011: On Nobles County 20.
  • 053-620-010: On Nobles County 20.
  • 053-615-023: On Nobles County 15.
  • 053-015-022: On Nobles County 15.
  • 053-615-021: On Nobles County 15.
  • 053-613-018: On Nobles County 13 above Kanaranzi Creek.
  • 053-604-015: On Nobles County 4.
  • 053-598-015: On Nobles County 57 on Lake Ocheda.