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2nd CT Congressional District to Use Federal Funding to Reinforce Crumbling Bridges, Railways and Foundations | Connecticut News

WATERFORD, CT (WFSB) – Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District is awaiting a share of the federal infrastructure package that Congress is working on.

The Golden Star Bridge.

Channel 3 has been working to find out where the money will go and what the impact will be on residents.

According to elected officials from the 2nd district of the state, the main roads and railways are awaiting funding.

The largest project on the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s list is the northbound track repairs to the Gold Star Bridge.

It is the largest bridge span in the state; but due to the reported deterioration, the northbound span cannot withstand heavy truck loads.

“Right now there are some restrictions, weight limits in terms of the trucks that can cross it safely,” said Rep. Joe Courtney, who represents CT’s 2nd Congressional District.

The I-95 between the Gold Star and the Baldwin Bridge at Old Lyme is a narrow and dangerous stretch of road. The infrastructure bill could finance its expansion.

Waterford First Selectman, Rob Brule, said accidents were clogging local roads.

“Getting a third lane, widening I-95 is essential,” said Brule. “It has been critical for a long time. It’s no one’s fault except that its time is now. The commitment is there, the money is there. We must take advantage of this opportunity. “

Funds are also in line for the I-91 / I-84 interchange in East Hartford, another stretch of road congested by commuters.

“The whole conception of this in the 1950s is pretty much obsolete,” Courtney said. “He doesn’t have the capacity to take the traffic he needs.”

At Enfield, it is now possible to finance the construction of a train station in Thompsonville which executives say will fuel development.

Funding for the re-establishment of passenger rail service between New London and Mansfield and north to Massachusetts is also included in the infrastructure bill.

“If you look at this line that’s been around for a very long time, it goes from New London to Norwich, to Mansfield, [and] Stafford Springs.

Funds are also provided to help thousands of homeowners and municipalities in the northern part of the district repair or replace the crumbling foundations of the mineral pyrrhotite.

“Connecticut in general has some of the oldest infrastructure in the country, so this is really a pro-Connecticut bill,” Courtney said.

One of the oldest swing bridges in the country, the Goodspeed Bridge is expected to be renovated to include a safe lane for pedestrians and cyclists.

Many targeted projects, such as the rehabilitation of the Gold Star Bridge, are ready to go. They just need the federal checks to clear.

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