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10 memes that perfectly sum up the character of Rhaenyra Targaryen

Milly Alcock has said goodbye to her role as Rhaenyra Targaryen in the fifth episode of Dragon House, but fans will forever remember her as a young princess and heir to the Iron Throne. Her remarkable performance has already made Rhaenyra a household name and she has legions of admirers across the globe.

The Scion Targaryen was mysterious, dynamic, and utterly unique – which made it a joy to watch. Young as she was, fans got to watch her grow and evolve into the kind of monarch her role would require her to be: shrewd, politically astute, and ambitious beyond measure. As Team Rhaenyra fans continue to support her, they’ve also created some hilarious memes that have defined her arc thus far.


This article contains mentions of incest.

The Perfect Dracaries

Before being anything else, Rhaenyra Targaryen was a dragon rider, and a good one at that. The dragon’s blood ran through his veins and the show began with his closeness to Syrax, his dragon.

Fans were thrilled to hear him say the colloquial word “Dracarys,” even though his reason for doing so was tragic. Rhaenyra’s ferocity was comparable to Daenerys Targaryen’s in this scene, maybe even more so.

Stepmom’s Best Friend

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Rhaenyra was quite a confident woman, but the sudden marriage between her father and her best friend shook her to the core, even if she didn’t show it at first. Alicent was Rhaenyra’s closest friend and confidante, so the betrayal hit her very hard.

Milly Alcock, as young Rhaenyra, was unhappy with the union since Alicent had clearly gone behind her back to form a relationship with her father, and the sudden power imbalance was unsettling for her. It also foreshadowed what would become of the friendship as it slowly tarnished and they became enemies.

Not afraid of blood

The next in line to the throne was already shaping up to be a badass, but her encounter with the boar and the white stag really cemented her place as the show’s powerful future queen to watch.

Rhaenyra wasn’t disgusted or scared like the women of her time were supposed to be. She could be ruthless in protecting herself and ready to walk into her father’s camp, covered in blood and gore, even if people looked at her.

Rhaenyra and her aversion to marriage

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As Rhaenyra edged closer to womanhood, suitors began lining up for her hand, much to her chagrin. When Aegon was born, the situation worsened and nobles like Jason Lannister began courting the future queen.

Rhaenyra had absolutely no interest in marriage at the time because these men didn’t even begin to understand her or her ambitions – ironically, Lannister wanted her to give up her claim to the throne. Thus, Rhaenyra said goodbye to all suitors, but especially to him.

Rhaenyra the chaotic

In “King of the Narrow Sea”, Rhaenyra chose chaos with Daemon, then used her political abilities to promote the Targaryen name. She discovered her sexuality with nudges from her uncle, who pissed her off but left her dry.

However, news of his exploits reached the king and queen. Hinting at her future as a monarch, she shrewdly lied her way out, got Otto Hightower fired, and slept soundly again, knowing she’d gotten rid of an enemy. It makes her a true Targaryen, learning how to play Game of Thrones.

Criston and Rhaenyra

After Daemon left her at the King’s Landings brothel, Rhaenyra began exploring her sexuality by sleeping with Kingsguards, Ser Criston Cole. His sworn protector gave in to his playful and respectful advances, despite his oath, but the encounter was definitely unusual.

Fans hilariously compared him to by Shrek Donkey and Dragon, who fell in love. Rhaenyra was, after all, a dragon and a future queen, and Criston was of lower status than her. Still, both of them had pleasurable sex, regardless of their titles.

The rebel Rhaenyra

The joy of the kingdom soon became his father’s political headache as he struggled to maintain control of his whereabouts. Rhaenyra was a rebel, and she always did what she wanted, regardless of the consequences.

In fact, much of Viserys’ life was spent trying to keep track of her and protect her because she wanted to prove herself as a worthy successor or do unexpected things, be it go in Flea Bottom with Daemon or on unauthorized trips to Dragonstone with Syrax.

It starts with a lie

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Much of the first three episodes showed Rhaenyra’s naivety and lack of expertise in the world of Westerosi courts and politics, but the dragon rider hardly needed any lessons to learn.

When she was spied on and denounced, Rhaenyra knew how to lie and get away with it, even if it meant deceiving Alicent and her father, who had until then learned to trust her completely. She flipped the game on everyone, which was quite satisfying to watch. Of course, her lies quickly made her one of the least confident characters in Dragon House.

Oranges and cinnamon

After sleeping with Rhaenyra, Criston was ready to build a new life with her as a commoner. He wanted to take her to Essos so they could be together, but it wasn’t for the princess.

Rhaenyra had a huge responsibility to her family and the crown, as she was its future. There was no dimension in which she would give up her claim to the throne for a life together because there was too much at stake for the Targaryens to slip away and run.

Rhaenyra the ally

Getting married to strengthen her house wasn’t something Rhaenyra could avoid for too long, but when she did, she made sure to be fair. His best choice was Laenor, who was his cousin but also gay, so she gave him the freedom to be with whoever he wanted outside of marriage.

Thus, Joffrey and Laenor had to continue their relationship, as Rhaenyra was ready to do so with Ser Criston. They were married for all intents and purposes, but had the freedom to do what was natural for them to stay happy. It made sense of the princess to come up with this arrangement.

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